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Company / News / Power supply to the International broadcasting center of the II European games 2019 in Minsk.

Power supply to the International broadcasting center of the II European games 2019 in Minsk.


In the framework of the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) II European games in 2019, held in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, in the period from 21.06.2019 for 30.06.2019 inclusive, Power technologies LLC has won the tender on rendering services on organization and operation of the temporary power infrastructure of the IBC. Under Contract by Power Technologies have ensured the reliable and uninterrupted energy supply of the International Broadcast Centre.

An energy complex with a total capacity of 1.4 MW was deployed on the territory of the ICC. In the technical area was created "Power Complex," that meets all demands of the copyright holder ISB — providing automatic switching from the main network to a backup and back with the possibility of monitoring of the system online. LV networks with the use of high-quality electrical switchboard equipment were deployed in the IBC itself. In addition to this equipment, an isolation/separation transformer was used to correct deficiencies in the quality of the city Gridline.

The area of responsibility of Power Technologies LLC included:

- Provision of temporary power supply to the entire IBC with the category I, including diesel generator sets, cabling, temporary cable bridges, for such a demanding client group as broadcasters. The quality of the broadcast around the world depends on the reliable, uninterrupted temporary power supply.

- Provision of automated control and dispatching system (SCADA) of power supply of the Venue.

- Provision of air conditioning and ventilation category I, including Studios, premises home broadcaster, right Holders and technical (service) areas, in temporary buildings and structures of various design types.

Provision of awning structures for areas such as pedestrian checkpoints, accreditation, including lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, temporary partitions, doors, and floor coverings.

The provision of all services included the supply, installation, configuration, operation, dismantling and removal of temporary infrastructure, as well as the restoration of the object to its original state.

The organization of the work of such a significant Venue as the international broadcasting center requires a lot of experience and high responsibility of the contractor. Power Technologies LLC in the performance of Contract established itself as a reliable contractor with a fleet of modern high-quality equipment and a unique team of personnel, which is confirmed by diplomas and letters of thanks from the organizers of the II European games in 2019 and the broadcasters.

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