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Company / News / Our survey is extended up to March 16

Our survey is extended up to March 16

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games came to an end. Many a man visited the Olympic Sochi for the first time, and for someone this picturesque seaside and ski resort is the ancestral home. What have you learned about Sochi? What did amaze you? What changes have occurred in this city?

Over the past two weeks, we received many interesting and unexpected responses to our survey. Now we take a decision that our survey to be extended up to 16 March!

It is important for us to get as many interesting answers as possible to create a completed and objective picture, which will reflect the attitude of the international community to the modern Olympic movement and its values. In addition, of course, it is interesting for us to collect a completed collection of knowledge and rumors from the mouth of the Olympic Sochi residents all over the world!

We will surely announce the result of the survey!

For participating in our survey, we, as before, will gladly send you one of the souvenir sets with symbols of "Sochi 2014". 

All the details and terms of participation in the survey you can find here.

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