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Company / News / Power supply of the ninth international festival "Circle of light" 2019.

Power supply of the ninth international festival "Circle of light" 2019.

On September 20, 2019, the opening ceremony of the ninth international festival "Circle of light"was held in Moscow on the Rowing channel. The festival opened with a Multimedia light musical "Seven notes".

The Moscow international festival "Circle of light" is an annual event in which lighting designers and experts in the field of audiovisual art from around the world transform the architectural appearance of the capital. For a few autumn days, Moscow turns into a center of attraction of light, and its iconic buildings unfold colorful large-scale video projections, fabulous installations illuminate the streets, and fantastic multimedia shows using light, fire, lasers and fireworks give unforgettable impressions and vivid emotions. 

This year the Rowing channel surprised not only with its show. The site was completely transformed and even changed its geometry and shape. The show unfolded on the water surface, and the audience watched it from a new point, as a special structure was built over the canal, connecting the two banks. The huge structure became a screen for video projections and a platform for placing equipment for fire and light effects.

The audience was shown a multimedia light musical "Seven notes". He told the stories of the most ordinary people, in which they have to deal with different situations, feelings every day. Often cope with life experiences, deal with their feelings can help only music. 

The company POWER TECHNOLOGIES for the ninth time performed uninterrupted power supply of this large-scale and fire show.

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