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Company / News / POWER TECHNOLOGIES has manufactured a Souvenir Collection Set with "SOCHI-2014" Symbols

POWER TECHNOLOGIES has manufactured a Souvenir Collection Set with "SOCHI-2014" Symbols

The Russian company POWER TECHNOLOGIES, the Official Supplier of the Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014 in the category of "Temporary Power Supply Services", has released 800 Souvenir Collection Sets with "SOCHI-2014" Symbols. The Souvenir Collection Set has been manufactured in a limited edition especially for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in 2014 and the collection consists of sets and mini-versions. Each Set has a certificate of authenticity and its personal unique number. It is possible to receive one of these collection sets by taking part in the survey.

box-suv3  box-suv4

The Collection Set with "SOCHI-2014" Symbols will be interesting for both professional collectors and sport amateurs as a memorable historical souvenir. The Collection Set from the POWER TECHNOLOGIES Company includes three unique badges with the Olympic mascots in "gold", "chrome", "copper" finish, a badge keeper and a keychain. The Souvenir Mini-set consists of only three badges. In total POWER TECHNOLOGIES Company has manufactured 200 supersets and 600 mini-sets. The Company will grant a part of this Souvenir Edition to the officials, their partners and museums.

Good news is for collectors and interested parties who can achieve one of these Sets by participating in the survey, which POWER TECHNOLOGIES Company organized in honor of opening of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. The survey gives an opportunity for each indivudual person to express their attitude towards the Games, held in the Russian city of Sochi, and tell about the influence of Olympic Movement value on their lifes. This survey is intended to contribute to the development and promotion of the Olympic Movement, as well as the formation of a positive image of the Olympic Games and the city of Sochi, the holder of the Games.

All the details and terms of participation in the survey you can find here.

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