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The 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi became a symbol of a new Russia: not only the performance of athletes, but also the work of all technical services watched by millions of people worldwide. Unconditional victory of our athletes was firmly supported by the work of thousands of experts to ensure the smooth functioning of the Olympic venues amongst all the companies whose dedicated work depended on the success of the Winter Games – As POWER TECHNOLOGIES, our task was to provide a temporary and permanent power supply for all Olympic, sport and non sport venues and support structures.


The scope of work performed by our Company was truly of an immense scale. It included the design and installation of temporary 10 kV networks, design, installation and operation of temporary networks at 0.4 kV, the subsequent integration of networks of temporary and permanent power supply in a single complex, as well as the development and implementation of a SCADA system (remote MONITORING) of temporary 10 kV networks amongst the Costal and Mountain Clusters electricity supply for instant reaction to potential risks.

To ensure continuous and uninterrupted supply of temporary power for Olympic venues POWER TECHNOLOGIES used more than 800 kilometers of cable, 120 diesel generator sets, 55 transformer substations and more then 2000 electrical panels. In Total we provided more than 100 MW of electrical power. Generators served as the main source of electricity and as a backup power source for emergencies, of which, fortunately, did not happen.

Our company provided uninterrupted power supply for all of the Sochi temporary infrastructure and technical compounds, for main customers such as the Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" and Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). This redundancy capability covered all race courses, facilities for athletes and technology, logistics, WAX cabins, dining areas, VIP- Olympic family lounges, all press centers, health centers, mixed zones, heating zones, Timing and scoring, photo - and camera positions, flying cameras, SKD(entry control systems) doping facilities, sound equipment, etc.

церемония открытия

Opening and closing ceremonies of the "Sochi 2014", became one of the most innovative in the history of the Winter Olympic Games in terms of technology and decoration. Ceremonies also used 100 percent POWER TECHNOLOGIES equipment. Creative ideas helped us to solve all the original design specifications with innovative solutions. High-tech decorations and mechanisms moved by the sophisticated suspension systems with a total length of 3.8 km, which worked on the generators of OUR Company. In total, for the temporary power POWER TECHNOLOGIES  used 24 diesel generators with a capacity of 1 MW each, 130 km of cable, was involved with 90 on-site technicians. 


The extensive work the company performed for supplying temporary power, the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games – was the main media center (MMC). Temporary networks were created at the broadcast compounds and inside the venue structures. We made a unique procedure, that has never been adopted in Russia before – synchronization with the Grid. This was made under the strict control of OBS specs and IOC officials. ​​In order to fulfill all needs, our company used 28 diesel generator sets, 1 MW each, 63 km of cable, Twelve thousand wiring products. The complexity of the design, technical and engineering decisions was praised by IOC experts.

люди в горах

Of course in  global projects of this nature like this, POWER TECHNOLOGIES had to face some difficulties. First of all, the unique terrain Mountain Cluster proved problematic in logistical requirements and installation due to the harsh Winter conditions . The total length of the route of the ski center at "Rosa Khutor" was 72 km, most of which had steep descents and climbs. To install the equipment for such a complex venue, the company needed to resort to the help of special equipment, including helicopters, which air lifted diesel generator sets into their installation points – at 1200 m, 1600 m and 1800 m.

As a result of the success of the Olympic and Paralympic Games «Sochi 2014», POWER TECHNOLOGIES has been praised by the IOC and OBS. According to the experts of these organizations, the company offered precise and concise designs in the provision of temporary and prime running  systems to offer flawless execution of the Games. We are a very dedicated company who insists at a quality project delivery in every aspect making sure our customers are completely satisfied.


The Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak also praised the company's contribution to the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. During the final meeting of the operational headquarters for energy, he expressed his gratitude to the employees of the company and presented them with diplomas.

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