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Services / Construction energy sets

Construction energy sets

Temporary power construction site is carried out to provide electricity to the various machines and tools, as well as lighting in the construction of any administrative, residential or industrial facility. But often allocated the city power is not enough, or in the worst case, there is no energy at all.

With the ability to use complexes of several diesel generator sets operating in parallel on a common load, you can generate power up to a few tens of megawatts, and increase it with the use of transformers 0.4 / 10kV allows you to transfer this power over long distances without any loss.

POWER TECHNOLOGIES provides customers with a fully autonomous power supply system (Energogorodok) from generating parts (diesel generator sets) through local distribution networks (switchboard equipment, power cable, transformer substations in the case of medium voltage) to a final consumer outlet. Our systems are suitable for the power supply of the construction site of any load, including the construction of sport vanues and sport events. The use of independent temporary power systems will significantly reduce the time and cost of construction. The main advantage of our energy sets - autonomy and pre-fabricated.

POWER TECHNOLOGIES has extensive experience in design, installation and operation of such systems. Reliability of the system and the quality of the electrical current is provided by its own continuous operation, around the clock monitoring, using equipment from leading manufacturers. The high quality of our services and compliance with international standards have been noted by the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation and the International Olympic Committee by the end of the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014.

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