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Services / Providing and operation of the Temporary power supply systems

Providing and operation of the Temporary power supply systems

Power supply is the procedure of providing public places and local needs with electrical power by connecting to the supply source. There are two kinds of power supply: centralized and autonomous. Centralized power supply provides the connection of objects to the transmission networks for the citywide purpose, which take power from Hydroelectricity power plants, Nuclear electricity power plants and from other major state sources. Autonomous power supply assumes (implies) local situational mode connection to a power source that can be by gas, diesel-generator, oil mini-power station or small generator.

Autonomous power stations are usually used where there are central power supplies and they serve as a safety back-up to the main utility. An example of the usage of such systems are emergency generators in hospitals, airports, railway stations. In addition, the autonomous power supply system used on construction sites. Due to the lack of opportunity to connect to the central networks builders have to use mobile container power plants, as well as open-type generators to do general constructions and other work. Even if there is a central power line on all building sites, you will find at least one diesel-generator that provides this or that equipment with power, offsetting (compensating) the overall demand of electricity.

The use of temporary autonomous networks is the only solution for providing short-term events such as the massive city festivals, music concerts and outdoor shows with electricity. The most important aspect of this type of power source is for Broadcast to national TV audiences.

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