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The complex power plant

Starting in 2019, the Group "PT" started development of a new promising direction of comprehensive electrical power sources (power plants) based on diesel generators using domestic innovative technologies — active regulators of the flow of electrical energy.

The complex power plant is a "flexible" center of power supply of consumers both in the presence of a centralized electric network, and in its absence — technologically isolated power supply (power system).

The complex power plant is a new unprecedented level of reliability of power supply of consumers and the highest quality of electric energy.

The integrated power station allows to avoid failures in power supply of consumers owing to the optimized work of each of components which are controlled by uniform control system. It also allows you to compensate for load peaks and disturbances in the power system at the same time the work of several power sources with an external network, and without it.

In the very short term in the plans of the Group "PT" to deploy within the Russian Federation the development and full-scale production of this promising complex of power plants.


- Domestic equipment and domestic control system.

- Improving the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.

- Reducing fuel consumption and increasing the life of the primary engine (Gensets, Gas piston stations, etc.) at variable load and various disturbances in the electrical network.

- Compensation of reactive power and reduction of technological losses of electric energy, increase in the capacity of distribution networks.

- Improving the quality of electricity supplied to consumers.

- The equipment allows the use of a primary engine with a lower degree of automation, therefore cheaper.

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