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Services / POWER TECHNOLOGIES Electrical-laboratory

POWER TECHNOLOGIES Electrical-laboratory

POWER TECHNOLOGIES offers a mobile electric laboratory, which carries out control, acceptance and operational testing of the electrical equipment settings and networks up to and exceeding 1000 V.

POWER TECHNOLOGIES specialists maintain and control the safety of all electrical equipment and verifie the electrical network conformity with the design and technical documentation.

According to the requirements of the regulatory inspecting authorities, it is necessary to conduct electrical testing of the electrical equipment and measurements of the insulation resistance of the electrical networks, earthing devices, etc.

Advantages of the POWER TECHNOLOGIES Electrical Laboratory:
•    Long-term experience of the electrical measurements;
•    High accuracy and quality of the measurements;
•    Maximum efficiency of the work.

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Varshavskoe shosse, 35, build 1
117105, Moscow, Russia
Business Centre River Plaza
+7 495 785 84 00